Wednesday, November 10, 2010

well, hello

have you met my newest family member?



Aaron Scott said...


Though if you don't mind me asking, why the 5D mkII instead of the T2i?

sherri said...

SOOOOO JEALOUS.... but extremely happy for you!!!! YAY!!!!

kristin said...

snap! you do own a 5D!!

to add to the comments...thoroughly JEALOUS of your full-frame capabilities.

andrea said...

new family member!!?? so now I have competition??!

joey armstrong said...

to be honest, i ruled the T2i out early on in my research, and i don't remember specifically why, except that it takes SD cards, and i already have tons of CF cards. if i have to give reasons, i'd say the 5Dmkii is a sturdier camera, good weather & dust protection, & its full-frame. i wanted the best i could get, cuz i want to/will be using it professionally. i'm super happy with it so far :)

yay! you should come over soon!

you should come visit too ;)

i'm sorry, but there are just some things the 5Dmkii can do that you fail miserably at.